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Beautifully written love letters and love poems can melt the hardest heart and people that receive them will read them over and over again.  Both men and women cherish beautiful love letters and poems written by their lovers all their lives and keep them stored in a special place to read in private moments when they are alone. Now most guys and girls, men and women will argue that they have not a clue on how to write love letters and love poems but it is a lot easier than you think. What does not matter when writing love poems is the neither the words you use, nor the prose, whether the poem or letter rhymes or not or how you lay out the paragraphs. The most important thing anyone should know when learning how to write love letters and love poems; is that the words come from your heart. Love letters and poems to your partner give you the true means to speak your emotions fully and this is what will project to your partner when they read them.

Love letters and sad Love Poems.

Many people wonder why sad love poems are so special and romantic and the answer is pretty simple. Sad Love poems are bittersweet and you can use words to express your feelings to the one you love while you are apart even if it is for a day.  For example; ‘My heart yearns for you every minute you are gone’ when you leave I mourn for your return and nothing can gladden my heart not eve’ a flower. This sentence speaks volumes and similar words written in sad love poems and letters to your partner will touch their hearts and even bring a tear to their eyes. If you have no idea how to start to write sad love poems and love letters then there are unfortunately pretty few guides that can really help you. There is one written by an expert Australian author though, that guides you how to write love letters and poems and you even have tons of free poems that can be downloaded to use as examples.

Sad Love Letters and love poems can get your ex back

If your relationship is going through difficult times then you can use sad love poems and deeply felt love letters to get your ex back, renew failing bonds and express how much you feel for your loved one. Women are romantics at heart more so than men and when you send a love letter that is filled with your true emotions it will melt her hardened heart if you were the cause of the break up.  As mentioned above the rule of thumb is pouring out your emotions onto paper no matter how corny they may look. This is what makes the written word so special. Emotion can be projected with line and verse using the right wording. Learn how to write sad love poems and love letters by investing in this low cost guide which right now is the best one online, if not the only one?


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Sound Adjectives



Sound, a-l

  • bang
  • bark
  • boom
  • buzz
  • coo
  • crackling
  • crash
  • crunching

  • cry
  • deafening
  • echoing
  • faint
  • groan
  • growl
  • gurgling
  • harsh

  • haw
  • hiss
  • hoarse
  • howl
  • hushed
  • husky
  • lapping
  • loud

Sound, m-r

  • melodious
  • moan
  • muffled
  • mumble
  • murmur

  • mutter
  • noisy
  • pealing
  • pop
  • purring

  • quietly
  • raspy
  • reverberating
  • rumble
  • rustle

Sound, s-z

  • scream
  • screech
  • shriek
  • shrill
  • shloshing
  • snapping
  • snarl

  • snort
  • softly
  • splash
  • squeak
  • squeal
  • thud
  • thump

  • thundering
  • tinkle
  • wail
  • whimper
  • whine
  • whisper
  • whistling

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While you may have dreamed of traveling to India for your entire life, you will never get there until you have any India travel visa.  Even your passport will not get you into India without an India travel visa, which is an official stamp allowing you entered into India for a specified time and reason.  You must have an official travel visa to enter India, because without it the Indian authorities may refuse to let you in.  If, for some reason, you are able to enter the country without an India travel visa, and your entry is later discover, you can be forced to leave.

Getting in India travel visa, fortunately, is quite simple.  As long as you meet the regulations, you will have no trouble qualifying.  While some people who are qualified fail to get India travel visas, in most cases they do so because of a failure to understand what the visa officer is telling them.  Here are a few suggestions which can make qualifying for an India travel visa as painless as possible.

First, if your trip to India will be your first experience in international travel, your passport will be considered a “virgin passport.”  The visa officer, on examining your passport, may either regard it as belonging to someone who has never before traveled abroad, or as belonging to someone who has visa applications to other countries have been refused.

Second, your passport may contain multiple visas.  Doing so is an indication that other countries felt safe in issuing an entrance visa, and may make it more likely that you will qualify for an India travel visa.  India, however, is a country with fairly high visa application approval rates.

Third, your travel agent should be more than willing to assist you in getting an India travel visa.  But no matter whose assistance you ask for, here is a checklist of questions you need to have answers for before you apply:

* Have you already made arrangements for lodging or a hotel in India?

* Do you possess an authentic letter of invitation from someone in India?

* Are you financially responsible, and do you have a bank statement?

* Has one of your previous visa applications ever been rejected?

* Have you ever been convicted of a crime?

* Do you have a travel sponsor?  If so, what is that person’s name?

* For what purpose are you visiting India?

The issuance of your India travel visa will depend on your answers to these questions.  You need to be able to answer most of them positively.  If you’re not sure what the India travel visa requirements are, have your travel agent explain them, or try to find someone who is already been issued in India travel visa.

Finally, your India travel visa application will have a better chance of being excepted if you have an embassy contact. Take the time to do an online search and educate yourself on the visa application process.  Your entire vacation in India depends on your ability to get in India travel visa, and being rejected will only make it more difficult for you to get travel visas in the future.

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Why is Music Important for Kids?

childrenThis question has been debated for as long as time has existed. Even the great Greek and Roman philosophers approached the question: is music something that should be taught and does it help the development of children? Plato answered “I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for in the patterns of music and all arts are the keys to learning.” And again “what then is the education to be? Perhaps we could hardly find a better than that which the experience of the past has already discovered, which consists, I believe, in gymnastic, for the body, and music for the mind.”

In all cultures of the world music plays an important role. While these roles may change depending on the culture it is impossible to separate music from the life of an individual. While some may argue the role of music in our lives it is impossible to escape it. Even in the popular culture of Australia it is impossible to go shopping without hearing music. Music provides a means of communication and expression of culture and individual identity.

Children are immersed in music from birth and will be for their entire life. If this is the case why teach it? Is not the constant immersion in music enough? To this I say; is the fact that we witness the results of scientific principals on a day to day basis result in the understanding of those scientific principles? No it does not and likewise for music it does not either. The day to day encounters we have with music can move us but the understanding of this music can help us grow as individuals.

In many cultures the family plays the main role in music education. Families are most commonly the ones that teach children the music of their culture. As young children, we are commonly sung nursery rhymes. These provide entertainmentfor the child and often information in small repeated fashion. Children learn through the repetition and structure that the information was delivered in. many nursery rhymes teach fundamental life lesson and therefore sets music up as a means of educating. Children learn from music from a young age and will continue to for the rest of their lives. In a world where globalization and consumerism are dominating cultural identities are drifting into the background and children are more likely to be sung pop songs as lullaby’s than nursery rhymes. The benefit of nursery rhymes and progressive learning has become an issue. Children are missing out on fundamental learning opportunities.

The Mozart effect which gained a large following in the 1990’s claimed that listening to Mozart as a baby will make a child smarter. While this movement was short lived and there is little proof that it works there has been no denying that children who learn music will achieve higher in other aspects of their academic life. In earning music children learn to express their identities, gain confidence and develop sense of time and space. A research team at the university of Munster in Germany discovered that students who study music have more developed abstract reasoning skills which are closely linked to learning in the areas of science and maths.

I do not believe that there is any argument to this question…music is a vital part of a child’s education and should be taken seriously. Listening to music is not enough! A child must learn to think musically and that is what will help assist the development of the child and their academic development.

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if you hardly get time off from your work plus trip expenses too affects your chances of vacation abroad, then just read out simple traveling options that will help you to fulfill your widest dream of traveling abroad while keeping the money and time consideration in mind.

Traveling abroad can be really harrowing if you are not well-prepared. So get all your visas, passports and other important travel related documents issued before you plan your trip. this is even more relevant if you are planning to travel in peak seasons as travel agents and consulates takes double amount of time to process the papers because of heavy rush.

If your budget is tight, go in lean season. This is because at time this, airfares and hotel bookings gets slashed and you don’t even have to jostle around pyramids in two-hour queue at the louver.

Many big tour operators like SOTC offers you “holiday now pay later facility” too, if you want you can enjoy it. You can pay for your holiday expenses afterwards in easy installments.

If you are afraid to travel alone or can’t find like minded people to accompany you, then don’t worry. You can sign up with major tour operators who can organize a rooming partner for you. Even they can put you in a women’s group so that you can easily enjoy in their company.

Remember that safety is a big factor, whether you traveling single all your own or in any women’s group. Make sure you never accept any parcel at the airport or otherwise from a stranger or leave your baggage and important documents unattended or in a fellow passenger’s custody.

You can even ask your tour agent to organize a “host person” in the country, you traveling to, At least you‘ll have somebody to contact in case you suffer from any emergency.

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Set yourself up for career sucess by choosing a relevant major

With the current economy at a low and the unemployment rate rising, selecting the right college major in preparation for post-graduate success is of the utmost importance. Career competition is fierce, and an inappropriate major for certain career goals can leave you with sparse job opportunities in an already packed market. Taking some time to identify your goals and research major fields can make all the difference when trying to break into the workforce after graduation.

1. Identify your passion/what you want out of your career. Is it love or money?

If money is the goal, take time to research what majors produce the biggest salaries for students upon graduation. If love of a particular profession is already pulling you in a certain direction, find out what successful people in the field chose as an undergraduate major. 

2. Look at current job postings to get an idea of employer requirements.
Some careers require specific majors, while others put an emphasis on real world experience and have a variety of educational backgrounds in their chosen employees.

3. Look at major requirements for your department of interest.
Majoring in chemical engineering in the hopes of acquiring financial security may not be the best idea if you are a horrible math student. Take some time to research what is required to earn your diploma at your school before you commit to a particular field.

4. Pick your major and visit an advisor.
Whether you have specific questions or just want to run your plan by someone with authority on the subject, visiting an advisor in the department(s) you’re interested in can be beneficial and help you navigate from major to career.

Don’t be afraid to change your mind. If you begin taking courses for a particular major and realize that the field just isn’t for you, don’t be afraid to reevaluate your plan or even change your major all together. According to WikiAnswers, 44 percent of college students change their major between the second semester freshman year and graduation. Just take some time to think about what you want to do before you make the switch.

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Communication Skills

Probably the most taken for granted yet most essential skill that you can possess. Let me explain why and you will see how you aren’t getting everything that you really want from your life…

First though lets look at some really powerful people. ( or at least that’s what most folks think they are ).

What is it that makes someone powerful ? Well usually it’s because they have told us how wonderful they are. Hundreds of polticians spring to mind here. They have planted ideas in your head…and mine…that they are the person you and me can trust to look after us.

They do more than just talk though..

You can see that by planting those ideas and you and me accepting them they have occupied the primary position in the front of your mind. They have also worked out EXACTLY what they want you to think about them.

How was this done ? Well communication skills are a part of this but there’s so much to learn here about this rather complex process.

In future posts I’m going to break this down into a step by step process that you can follow easily so that you can start to use the exact same skills in your own communication and get the success that you really deserve.

For now I’d like to invite you to consider what it really is that you want from life ( as I said previously, there’s more to this process than just talking )

If you want total success in life work out EXACTLY what you want other people to think you are and then I’ll show you ways that you can become that ideal you.

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